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LCO Technologies, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a green technology innovator and distributor of Panam Engineers instrumentation needle, ball, check, and gauge root valves; instrumentation manifolds; industrial valves; pipe and tube fittings; thermowells and accessories which is the cornerstone of our business. Our products are known for providing high-quality, high-reliability, low-cost options for the oil and gas industry. Our staff have over 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry, specializing in the distribution of industrial instrumentation products. LCO Technologies has invented an ultra-low power consumption and cost effective common platform called the CROSSFIRE that can be configured as either a chemical injection pump or an instrument air compressor. We have partnered with Panam Engineers to manufacture this green technology, allowing us to maintain the high quality and low cost option that our company is built on.

The CROSSFIRE is an ultra-low power device that can be easily and reliably run off solar power even in Northern Canada where sunlight is unreliable at best during the winter months. It is a solar pump and compressor like you have never seen before and the simple, intuitive, and durable design makes for easy field integration. When configured as a pump, it can replace up to four pneumatic chemical injection pumps with one CROSSFIRE unit. It can handle drawdown conditions, delivering over 700L/day or as little as 1L/day. In most applications when a well is in steady state, the current draw is below 500mA and often below 250mA with no inrush.

The LCO Smart Controller, built to CSA Class 1 Div. 2 standards, is an ultra-low power consumption controller with a 32 bit CPU and user friendly operator interface that is Bluetooth accessible. With MODBUS communications, the controller can be master or slave to a smart multi variable transmitter or can be a slave to an RTU. With date and time stamped data logging, this unit can be used for carbon offsets or carbon credits to lower your cost. The CROSSFIRE is a cost effective technology that can help you reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate your greenhouse gas emissions caused by pneumatic driven instrumentation and chemical injection pumps. It is time for us to move past the use of methane emitting pneumatic pumps and on to the future of green, cost-effective technology and the CROSSFIRE is our solution for you.

Panam Engineers is an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer exercising the latest technology in their manufacturing processes. Panam Engineers meets or exceeds ASME and MSS-SP Series Standards. All materials are to ASTM standards and verified by third party Material Test Reports which we provide at any time free of charge. Panam Engineers take additional quality assurance steps during the testing of their products, checking for bubble tight shut off across the seats of all valves. Panam includes Functional Test Reports with every shipment.

LCO Technologies is proud to work with our distribution partners at Distribution Now

LCO Technologies is proud to work with Panam Engineers