CROSSFIRE Solar-Powered Instrument Air Compressor

The CROSSFIRE four-cylinder instrument air compressor eliminates GHG emissions vented from pneumatic instrumentation. This unit is designed to produce 450 scfd at 35 psi when run on solar power, or more when powered by additional sources. Our extensive field experience shows that instrumentation run on air instead of production gas is more reliable and requires fewer field maintenance calls.

The CROSSFIRE Air Compressor allows users to maintain their existing standard pneumatic instrumentation in areas where there is a goal or requirement to achieve zero venting. This significantly reduces costs compared to installing all electronic instrumentation and actuators. Pneumatic instrumentation is 1/3 the cost of all electronic solutions, weighs half and generally can be more easily implemented. Pneumatic instrumentation is also built with inherent fail safe features as well.

This arrangement requires significantly less solar charging infrastructure than traditional solar solutions, usually no more than 2 solar panels. As a result, payback on the CROSSFIRE Air Compressor can be in less than two months. For stable systems running at low-intensity after draw-down, a single CROSSFIRE Air Compressor can be calibrated to run both instrumentation and pneumatic chemical injection pumps. In combination with low-bleed instrumentation and positioners, the CROSSFIRE Air Compressor will drastically reduce a skid's carbon footprint.

Our electronic controller provides MODBUS capability to control the device with your existing SCADA systems, and our configuration software will allow operators to configure the pump remotely from their laptop computer or tablet.

With new goverment mandates to industry to reduce methane emissions from wells, our product can help you bring emissions to near zero. For applications on wells producing sour gas (H2S), the payback period for our compressor can be as short as two months!

Photo of compressor setup